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Is Sales School for product-based businesses or service-based businesses?
Both! No matter what kind of business you run, Sales School teaches you sales principles that’ll help attract and woo customers, and keep them committed.

While our syllabus does cover some topics specific to service-based businesses (like consult calls, email scripts for follow-ups, etc), you’ll also learn how to write high-converting sales copy, all about social selling, and how to talk about what you’re selling in a way that’s engaging and genuine — which is perfect for in-person networking and marketing situations!

I’ve taken other courses, and gotten zero results. What makes Sales School any different?
I’m thrilled you asked. Unlike most group training programs, the level of hands-on support and commitment you’ll be getting from me in Sales School is pretty much unprecedented, and makes getting real results easier than ever. Here’s why:

We have an active community, to which you get lifetime access. Not to mention, a resource-rich library brimming with practical tools and proven, take ‘n’ tweak templates at your fingertips. Forever.  Graduates have said this is worth the price of Sales School ALONE!

On top of your video training, we have live Tutor Time Weekly @ noon pm Central, so you can watch and learn how to implement through a real-time format. Because I never want you to feel short on support, and taking action and implementing what you learn is what will get you real results.

There’s also The Sales School Promise: If you’re struggling to see results, I’ll hop on the phone with you for a quick 1:1 call to figure out what you need from me to make your win/win a reality.

On top of all that, I’ve been in sales for 15 years, so I have the real world experience to back up everything I teach. I hold nothing back. From top corporate sales secrets, to actionable advice and how-tos, you’re getting a backstage pass to my best strategies for selling more with less ick.

I’ll be blunt: You need to implement what you learn, and you’ll only get out of Sales School what you put in (like most things in life). What I can promise you is NO student is left behind.

I believe in you and your business. I’m here to make getting results inevitable. And if YOU’RE committed to getting your money’s worth out of Sales School, so am I.

Sales School seems steep. $2500 is a big chunk of change, no?
Is this an investment in yourself and your business? Of course. But selling is a skill set that makes your business money FOR LIFE (and totally worth the less than $5.50 you’ll be spending a day on Sales School, if you ask me).

Without the ability to sell, your business can’t survive. The good news is: Most of my students recoup their investment in a matter of months (some have even made their money back in a day by using ONE of the follow-up scripts in the bonus library).

Plus, you’ll get your 90-day no fail plan when you join Sales School, which outlines every step you need to make your investment back within 90 days. I’ve thoughtfully tailored Sales School to make it practically impossible for you to fail, as long as you do your part.

Do I need to have my niche figured out before enrolling in Sales School?
In short, yes. Sales School will help you learn how to speak in a way that converts. But you’ll need to understand your niche to be able to communicate with your ideal clients.
I’ve got a copywriter. Do I really need Sales School, too?
Copywriters can help you sound like a pro, but they aren’t there to help you handle yourself

when you’re talking to potential clients on the fly, via email, or on an initial call. Sales School teaches you the art of Authentic Selling®, so you can know exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that feels true to you without any slime or grime.

Is Sales School only for coaches?
Definitely not! Some of the most successful Sales School  graduates have been B2C and B2B business owners. You’ll find everyone from graphic designers, to coaches, to photographers, to nutritionists, to psychics, to estheticians and product makers in here.
You talk a lot about sales techniques for women. Is Sales School only for women or can men benefit from it, too?
Sales School is for anyone that wants to sell in a way that feels easy and authentic and wants to avoid being pushy.

I do talk about stereotypical male vs. female strategies but that doesn’t mean there aren’t assertive saleswomen, or salesmen that prefer to build relationships prior to selling.

Sales School is for you if you:

  • Hate feeling like you’re pushing people into buying
  • Don’t know how to have a sales conversation that’s natural (and effective!)
  • Want to develop a sales style that feels unique and easy to you
  • Want to make the sale, generate revenue, and still have rave reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, purple, or pink: Sales School can help you create results, revenue, and raving fans.

Let me show you how to create revenue, results, and raving fans in your business
with Authentic Selling®.